Work with us to preserve your family heritage

Q. What are the benefits of hiring ArchivesInfo?

ArchivesInfo specializes in helping you get through the clutter to identify your most valuable family documentation. Archivist Melissa Mannon specializes in identifying and preserving documentation that tells your story. Rest assured that your treasured family heritage will be organized, stored safely, and made useable for future generations.

Q. What specific services does ArchivesInfo provide?

We can help you with any of your family records needs from gaining control of your digital files to making preservation safe printed scrapbooks. Some of the most popular services we provide include:

Q. What can I expect when I contact you?

We begin with an initial one-hour, in-home consultation where we can review and discuss your needs. This also allows us to review your materials and give you some general information to get you started. You can decide what additional help you need with the option to get general guidance or detailed assistance. You can also decide to care for an individual item or larger collections of material.

Q. How much do you charge?

Caring for an individual item, including a photo "restoration," can cost as little as $30. The typical in-house archives project costs between $150 and $1000 in consulting fees, depending on the scope of your personal papers. Re-housing materials for safe long-term storage of archives will run anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars depending on the extent and composition of your materials.

Q. How long does a project take?

A project may run from an hour to a week or more in your home or office. Additional time off-site to prepare instructions or a final report, scan items, and perform inquiries as necessary is required.

Q. What is the final product that I can expect from ArchivesInfo?

Whether your problem is organizing, preserving, or identifying valuable materials, ArchivesInfo can come up with a solution to suit your needs. Melissa will work with you to determine the best way to handle your records and create a final result that makes you feel organized, clutter-free and secure that your legacy is protected and can be passed down through your personal papers.

How can ArchivesInfo Help You?