Preserving Memories: Maintaining Family Photos, Personal Papers, and Memorabilia

Every day, families lose their valued items to neglect, mishandling and misplacement. Your attentive care can ensure their security. This one and a half hour presentation is designed to help individuals care for their family photos, personal papers, and memorabilia.

For smaller workshops with twenty people or less, attendees are invited to bring personal papers and photos for which they need help caring. The presentation takes on an "Antiques Roadshow" atmosphere with people sharing stories about treasured items.

A lecture format for larger groups is now available. Melissa shares her own personal items and "antique shop" finds to demonstrate how to care for personal papers, ephemera and memorabilia.

Contact Melissa for information about running workshops for your institution or organization.

Links to useful information for preserving personal archives:

See "personal papers" and "preservation" on ArchivesInfo Links to Further Assistance page for more resources on securing family and community archives.

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