How Can ArchivesInfo Help You?

Do you have valued family or business papers sitting in cardboard boxes, plastic bins, and filing cabinets?

We can provide recommendations for the proper storage of original items including preservation materials needed and the proper environmental conditions in which they should be kept. We can provide a detailed list of preservation supplies needed, can order supplies needed, and can transfer materials to the enclosures best suited to your particular materials.

Do you find it difficult to locate the papers that you seek in your office or home?

We can organize or make recommendations for efficiently organizing materials. We can provide a written survey and / or index of your materials. We can design efficient filing systems that suit the way you work or function in your office or home. We can create databases or help you set up an automated records management system for tracking your materials.

Do you have a shoebox full of old photos? Or, do you have old photos that are discolored and damaged?

We can organize photos and place them in appropriate archival storage supplies to make images easy to peruse and secure. We can scan and provide disks of your scanned photos for safekeeping and with digitally corrected images that you can print. We can upload digitized photos to an online database so that you easily can share images with family across the country. We can help create personalized scrapbooks to hold your treasured memories or to give as gifts.

Are you unsure about what records you need to keep?

We can make recommendations regarding what materials you should maintain for legal and financial purposes and how long they must be kept. We can coax you to get rid of material without long-term value that you no longer regularly use.

Do you have items that you think might be historically valuable?

We can provide a written historical (not monetary) appraisal of materials. We can make recommendations about what items should be kept for personal or historical reasons and how you should keep them. We can provide a list of materials in your possession that may also benefit the study of local history and put you in contact with an appropriate cultural heritage repository.

Do you want to write a family or corporate history?

We can help you organize and locate the historical reference materials you need in your home or elsewhere. We can help you design and conduct an oral history project. We can help you manage the world of self-publishing to create a book that you can treasure and promote.

Do you have digital information that needs organizing?

Digital files are an important part of your family collection. We can teach you to better manage your records, photos, and other computerized files so that those worthy of preserving for posterity are kept safe and remain a vital part of your personal story.

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