Workshops and Programs

Useful and practical information offered by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic speaker.
ArchivesInfo's core presentations include:

Preserving Memories: Maintaining Family Photographs and Memorabilia

Learn how and why to care for family papers. Explore what makes items deteriorate. Discover how to preserve your family treasures so they last a long time and can be enjoyed by future generations.

Exploring Personal Narrative

Explore how and why we should care for archives to secure family and community history. Learn about how our personal materials papers reflect our lives and how we can ensure our personal collections fully reflect our life stories. Learn to pay attention to the moments in your life that should be documented that may otherwise go unnoticed. Presentation usually accompanied by "Preserving Memories" portion at end, but can stand as a singular presentation.

What I Know, Wonder and Imagine

This program incorporates history, archives, research, and creative writing. It helps children learn to evaluate information to discern truth from fiction and conjecture. Children are guided through exercises using historic photographic images.

Life in Context

In collaboration with Space4U Organizing, spend time with two experts, an archivist & a professional organizer. Tell your "life history" from a food perspective. This program will inspire you to record valuable and treasured memories.

Personalized workshops can be designed to suit your needs. A sample of past tailored presentations includes:

Preserving and Providing Access to Public Records
Organizing Local History Collections in Libraries
Organizing Town Records
Archives Appraisal and Acquisition
Managing and Processing Archival Collections (series of 4 sessions)
What is a Historic Record?; Managing Archival Collections; Preserving Historical Records; Planning for Our Future
The Essentials of Preserving and Providing Access to Public Records
Archives on a Shoestring - Using Volunteers and Hiring a Consultant
Unlock Your Creativity: Telling stories through photographs
Collaborative Historical Records Projects and the Local Museum
Records Management and The Records Lifecycle
Organizing Historic Records

What people have said about Melissa's presentations:

"This program was very worthwhile...the handouts are most helpful for the long term."
"[Melissa Mannon is] obviously very knowledgeable about [her] field..."
"Melissa Mannon was especially professional."
"[An] interesting presentation...from an enthusiastic speaker..."
"...Melissa did a great job of conveying useful and practical information."